Diary Of A New Adventure

New development diary showing the new project in action as well as improvements that have been made in general on both projects.

Hi everyone, as promised here is the new development diary showing the new game in action so far. You’ll hopefully see how closely linked they are so as we develop the new project the work done will also go into making Will to Survive. Once the new project is finished we’ll be able to turn our attention back to Will to Survive and we will have a really solid foundation on which to build.


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Time For A New Adventure

It’s time for a new adventure, important news about Will to Survive.

Hello everyone, it’s been a rather busy couple of weeks since the last update. This update is a rather important update and brings with it a spot of super fun exciting good news and a small bit of not so great news.

I’ll go into everything in far more detail below but the quick and painless version is as such… we are currently postponing development on Will to Survive in order to craft a smaller…

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Progress Update, February

It seemed like it was about time to post another progress update, so here it is plus a few sneak peak images of new art to boot! Happy Days.

Howdy all, it’s been a good few weeks since I last updated so I figured you were all due some progress info, how time flies eh!

Progress is marching on at a nice and steady pace, we could probably do another dev video with what we have done but we’re thinking of waiting until we have the enemy AI stuff working before we do that.


Interfaces are now fully ported, improved and are hooked…

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Progress Update

A quick progress update blog post detailing what we’ve been up to this week.

I figured I would make a quick weekly progress update seeing as it seems like I managed to get a massive amount done since last Thursdays post. I’m not going to make a video as they take a bit of time to make but it’s safe to say you’ll be seeing all…

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Some work in progress using Spine to make the sprite artwork using a skeletal animation system. Head and torso are a separate piece to the legs so that the legs can use regular sprite flipping while the rest does not change and simply moves up and down to match what the legs are doing… just needs arms!